Friday, January 9, 2015

What Are Panic Attacks

What are panic attacks?  What are the symptoms of panic attacks?
Some of our close friends and relatives have experienced panic attacks, so we have done some researches, and here is what we know so far about panic attacks (some people call it anxiety disorder).

So, let's find out what panic attack is and what are the symptoms of panic attacks?

Panic attacks may be recognized as forms of an anxiety disorder.  Panic attacks often come unexpected, sudden, and without any obvious causes.  They could happen while you are driving, riding in an elevator, or shopping in a crowded mall.  When you have panic attacks, your body may be trembling and shaking, you may have nausea, light-headedness, and upset stomach.  Sometimes, you could even feel like you are having a heart attack due to the shortness of breath and pounding heartbeat.  You may sense that something horrible is about to happen and you can’t do anything to prevent it from happening, so you feel like you just want to escape!!  Yes, the above scenarios could be the symptoms of panic attacks.  The duration of panic attacks varies.  A panic attack could last for 20 seconds, but it could also last for 30 minutes.  Sometimes, you may experience a series of panic attacks.

Panic attacks happen to children too.  The result of panic attacks to children could result in grades declining, avoiding school, depression, as well as suicidal thoughts, and substance abuse.

Panic attacks are serious.  Some people may tell you that panic attacks are not organ-threatening, and that you are not in great danger.  We certainly hope you don’t take it lightly.  Panic attacks happen for reasons; they don’t just happen.  If you don’t seek panic attacks cures, chances are, you will continue to experience it over and over again without any warning.  You are most likely to develop serious problems, both physically and mentally, and eventually affect your personally life.  So, please take this seriously, and seek cures for panic attacks.

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